Series P3 Polypropylene Flow Switch

Product Applications

  • Pure water equipment
  • Filter life monitoring
  • Heat exchangers
  • Cooling applications


The Series P3 Polypropylene Flow Switches fit almost any piping requirements with compatible liquids. Choose the inlet and outlet port to be 3/8″ male NPT or 1/4″ male “Quick Disconnect” then select a quick disconnect acetal adapter for straight through flow or with a shut off valve.


ServiceCompatible liquids.
Wetted MaterialsHousing: Polypropylene; Piston: PPS composite; Spring: 316SS; O-ring: Fluorocarbon.
Temperature Limit0 to 212°F (-18 to 100°C).
Pressure Limit125 psig (8.6 bar) @ 70°F (21°C); 50 psig (3.4 bar) @ 212°F (100°C).
Accuracy20% of set point.
Switch TypeSPST, N.O.
Electrical Rating.08 A @ 120 VAC.
Electrical Connections24″ (60.96 cm) polymeric wire leads, 22 AWG.
Process Connection3/8″ male NPT or 1/4″ quick disconnect.
Mounting OrientationAny position. Set points shown are based on vertical, inlet down position.
Required Filtration100 microns or better.
Weight5 oz (0.14 kg).
Agency ApprovalsCE


  • Piston design incorporates a hermetically sealed SPST magnetic reed switch
  • Easy integration to existing piping with a variety of fitting options
  • Selectable shut off valve will stop line flow when the adapter is removed from the switch
  • Economical design