High Temperature, Mineral Insulated, 316 SS Sheath

Resistance Temperature Detector offers excellent accuracy and stability over a wide temperature range.

Product Applications

  • Air ducts
  • Plastic molding
  • Electric generating plants

AVG Averaging Temperature Sensor can be used to measure the average temperature up stream of the cooling coils in an air handler. The coiled sensor unwinds to a length of 12′ or 24′ to take an average temperature reading across a large space.

Product Applications

  • Building Automation
  • Air handling equipment monitoring
  • Large air duct temperature monitoring

PTC or NTC Temperature Curves

Product Applications

  • Refrigerated cabinets
  • Walk in coolers
  • Food service equipment
  • Medical sterilizers or equipment
  • Wood or pellet boilers
  • Brewing systems

Fiberglass Insulated Wire, Low Cost

General Purpose Thermocouples are low cost and offered in a variety of configurations. 

Fits Most Standard Nozzles

In-Melt type thermocouples and RTDs are designed to bolt into the injector nozzle and sense the temperature of the melt directly, and is rated to 450°C (900°F).

Limited to 450°C

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples are known for their excellent mechanical durability and resistance to electrical breakdown. Probe sheaths can be bent most any angle without special equipment.

Ranges from 1200°F to 2100°F or Ranges from 1210°F to 4100°F

Protection Tube Assembly Type Thermocouples are designed for high temperature applications such as ovens, kilns, or other processes. Metal protection tubes can be used in applications ranging from 1200°F to 2100°F. Ceramic tubes can be used in applications from 1210°F to 4100°F. If ordering with a protection tube, specify A & AA dimensions in 6″ increments.

Ring Style or Web Style

Special Application Thermocouples and RTDs cover a wide variety of types and configurations. This section covers FEP covered thermocouples and RTDs in rigid and flexible types, ring type thermocouples and RTDs for surface measurement, web type thermocouples for surface measurement of moving objects such as rollers, and penetration thermocouples and RTDs with sharp tips for measurement of viscous liquids and semisolids such as tar and heavy oil, and other material such as frozen food and meat.

Used in Sanitary Applications

Variety of terminations

Flexible extension cables are available with a variety of terminations.