The AS series centrifugal air and dirt separators were designed to be used in the flow line of a hydronic heater or cooling system. The operation is based on the principle of centrifugal force, instead of relying on low-velocity separation, offering the advantage of efficient separation in a smaller vessel. The ADCA AS units provides maximum separation efficiency while minimizing space requirements.

The EH series exhaust heads were designed to protect personnel from injury and exterior of buildings from harmful effects of steam ejection to atmosphere. The head is fitted at the end of a vertical exhaust pipe and effectively retains the moisture separated from the steam for draining.

The MAS series steam distribution manifolds are essentially designed to allow the placement of steam supply valves in a single location, reducing costs and providing easy control of different steam lines. The drain connection, with an automatic steam trap installed, discharges any condensate formed, thus providing high-quality dry steam.