The CDV32 condensate drain valve automatically discharges air and condensate from steam systems during start-up. A compression spring keeps the valve open when the system is not pressurized. As soon as the operating pressure reaches the closing pressure to which the CDV is set, the valve closes. If the operating pressure drops below the closing set pressure, the spring force will cause the CDV32 to open once again.


The BDV, AFZ and HVV vent valves are designed to drain (blowdown) or vent (depressurize) pipework, steam traps, valves and others.
BDV – Blowdown valves – Manual discharge of strainer screen contents and generally to be used as a drain and/or depressurization valve.


The ADCA DF series are compact noise diffusers designed to disperse the high-speed discharge from steam or air traps, dampening the noise levels and reducing erosion. These devices are typically installed downstream of intermittent steam traps, such as thermodynamic or inverted bucket, which are generally associated with high-speed blast discharges. Noise reductions greater than 80% can be expected when measured at 1 meter away from the source.