Controllers and Instrumentation

  • Two Temperature Compensated Conductivity Inputs with percent rejection and adjustable alarm setpoint
  • Water Temperature Input with adjustable high temperature shutdown
  • Pretreatment Interlock
  • High Tank Level Shutdown
  • Low Tank Level Restart
  • Inlet Valve Control
  • Chemical Pump or Feed Pump Control
  • High Pressure Pump Control
  • Low Feed Pressure Sensing
  • High Membrane Pressure Sensing
  • Flush Valve Control with adjustable flush interval and duration
  • Permeate Diversion Valve Control
  • Alarm Output

We designs and manufactures custom monitoring, controls, and instrumentation packages. We’ve been serving water treatment end users, original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), and service companies for more than 20 years with a complete line of high quality instruments, PLC-based control systems, and motor control centers.

In addition to products of our own design, we sell and support high quality control and instrumentation products from other manufacturers. These are products that we have used in our own water treatment systems and they are products that we have learned to trust for dependable, cost-effective performance.