Diesel Fuel Purification System

Diesel Fuel Purification System Enquiry Form Details EVERGEE  provide engineering and supply services for energy infrastructures and specialized in Critical Facilities Engineering and Business Continuity Services. Diesel Fuel Maintenance and Polishing Systems are one of the key products given to intolerant sectors to help avoiding fuel realted shotdowns.  They  mainly serve to Aviation Industry, Data Centers, […]


Transmitters Enquiry Form High Accuracy Programmable Transmitters accept any commonly used temperature sensor. Outstanding versatility  and compact size make this product ideal for any temperature application.  Temperature Transmitter is ideal for wide variety of HVAC, industrial, and commercial multi point temperature monitoring applications. Span is temperature difference between Low & High ranges.


Sensors Enquiry Form High Temperature, Mineral Insulated, 316 SS Sheath Resistance Temperature Detector offers excellent accuracy and stability over a wide temperature range. Product Applications Air ducts Plastic molding Electric generating plants AVG Averaging Temperature Sensor can be used to measure the average temperature up stream of the cooling coils in an air handler. The coiled […]

Temperature Switches

Temperature Switches  Enquiry Form Panel mount digital indicating sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific temperature. Most models contain a three digit, easy-to-read display is included on the controller. The programming of most models is performed through the front keypad. Ideal for refrigeration control. RTD and Thermocouple input sensors with an electrical contact […]


Wireless Enquiry Form Details A brighter future in tank gauging and leak detection has arrived with the  DataCheck for PROTEUS ATG system. Featuring advanced technology, versatility, scalability, and enhanced features like our 7-inch color touch-screen. The PROTEUS Series can simultaneously monitor product levels, water levels, temperature, leaks, and much more. High-resolution tank charts are stored […]

Custom Pump/Valve Controls

Custom Pump / Valve Control Enquiry Form Details Custom pump controls available for duplex, alternating and lead lag pumps.  Panels may include relay contacts for pump control and remote annunciation, disconnect switches, pump failure and running indicators, tank selector switches, HOA (hand off auto) switches, motor starters, local alarm horn and lights. All panels are […]

Inert Gas Filled Gauge

Inert Gas Filled Gauge Enquiry Form Details Inert gas filled thermometer developed and manufactured in accordance with the  standard, built to resist the most severe operating conditions created by the environment and the process medium. Mainly used in chemical, petrolchemical processing industries. To allow optimum fitting to the process, individual insertion lengths and different process […]


Bi-metallic Enquiry Form Details The bimetal type temperature gauge series Tetrotemp 100, are made of two cold welded metal strips with different thermal expansion coefficient. They can be used in the following applications: chemical, petrochemical, gas and oil, food and pharmaceutical.

Industrial Thermometer

Industrial Thermometer Enquiry Form Details Widely specified in the industrial and commercial plumbing trade Includes a separable brass or lead free brass thermowell 3.5” (90mm) and 6” (160mm) stem Available in aluminum or Valox® (9”) case Organic filled tube (magnifying) Dual scale (°F & °C) Adjustable angle connection and 360° case rotation for easy installation Graphite […]