NE2 Ultrasonic Heating Cooling Energy Meters


• High accuracy
• Heating/cooling


Ultrasonic heat meter NE2 is designed for metering of consumed heating or cooling energy in closed or open heating/cool-ing systems, installed in dwelling houses, office buildings or energy plants.
Heat meter consists of the primary flow sensor and the calculator with type approved pair of temperature sensors with Pt500 elements.

Special Features

• Heat meter can be used for heat and flow measurements in closed or open loop heat supply systems.

• Two flow measurement channels.

• Two pressure measurement channels.

• Two pulse inputs for additional flow sensors.

• Pre-programmed or measured pressure values may be used for energy calculation.

• Cold water temperature for open loop application can be measured, or pre-programmed temperature value can be used.

• Optional integrated regulation or alarm function.

• Flexible menu setup – list of parameter values displayed on the LCD may be configured according to the customer’s needs.

• Power supply – from internal battery or 230 V AC power source.

• Battery lifetime not less than 11 years.

• Optical data interface according to EN 61107.

• Optional communication modules.