Tank Gauging System Installation

Tank Gauging System Installation  In Protech Technical Trading, We deliver a highly sophisticated and user friendly Tank gauging system solutions for many complicated tank Applications. We build the design and execute with our superior quality  products. The following services are done under Tank gauging services, Tank Leak & level detection Smart detection Systems Tank pump/valve […]

Low Voltage Control Panel Design & Installation

Low Voltage Control Panel Design & Installation  The Electrical Service Team under Protech Technical Trading, use a powerful Electrical design package to optimise the process – delivering shorter lead times, more consistent Electrical panel designs and no re-work. Our design emphasis is on usability. We deliver the following service under our electrical switch gear division.  […]

Industrial Instruments Installation & Tubing

Industrial Instruments Installation & Tubing  The Service division under Protech Technical Trading can deliver a complete instrumentation package, from planning and designing through to installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance. We deliver a solution that is tailored to meet our customer’s exact requirements. Our highly regarded electrical designers, electricians and instrument technicians have a wealth of […]